Due to its dynamic and thriving ecosystem, Singapore has earned its title as Asia’s Silicon Valley, or Asian startup hub where most potential and growing startups gather. In this article, you will get to know 6 most popular Singaporean startups in field of software

  1. TradeGecko

6 most well-known software startups in Singapore 2

Business model: Software

Official website: http://tradegecko.com/

Total equity: $8M

Most recent funding: $6.5M Series A in May 2015

TradeGecko’s inventory management software gives SMEs the “power of Walmart’s supply chain management” so that they can manage their sales and supply chains within a single platform. As well as inventory and accounting e-solutions, users also receive detailed data insights regarding their operations.

In May 2015, a $6.5M Series A funding round was announced, raising the startup’s total to $8M. At the time of the announcement, over 10,000 SMEs were using TradeGecko’s software in more than 100 countries.

Within just 3 years, TradeGecko has managed to build the foundations of its customer base in the U.S. By the end of 2016, Hong Kong and Australian offices will be opened, while the startup’s team will grow from 60 to more than 200.

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  1. ReferralCandy

6 most well-known software startups in Singapore 3

Business model: Software

Official website: http://referralcandy.com/

Total equity: UPDATING

Most recent funding: $1M in February 2014

ReferralCandy is a SaaS solution for businesses with an established word-of-mouth presence, providing an automated referral program that can be customized or left alone to run in the background. Based on the idea that every customer can be a brand advocate, ReferralCandy also keeps detailed records of each referral.

When it announced $1M from its oversubscribing funding round in February 2014, the Anafore startup behind the ReferralCandy software had tripled its revenue over the previous year.

This is yet another startup in Toivo Annus’s VC portfolio, so its future revenue achievements will be worth watching out for.

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  1. Collabspot

6 most well-known software startups in Singapore 4

Year founded: 2013

Business model: Software

Official website: http://www.collabspot.com/

Total equity: UPDATING

Most recent funding/officially announced funding: $143K in 2013

Collabspot’s Chrome extension enables businesses to track business-application data from within their Gmail inboxes. By making Gmail the window to apps like Mailchimp, Shopify, and Xero, Collabspot users can boost their productivity.

After incorporating in SG in 2013, Collabspot has so far raised $143K in funding and announced a partnership with Pipeliner CRM in May 2015.

At the end of 2013, two-thirds of Collabspot’s customers were in the U.S., after it had doubled its paying monthly active user base to 1,000 in the preceding 4 months. With the recent Evernote partnership, we expect this startup to continue growing.

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  1. Pie

6 most well-known software startups in Singapore 5

Business model: Software

Official website: https://www.pie.co/

Total equity: UPDATING

Most recent funding/officially announced funding: $2.4M in 2014

Available on iOS, Android, Web, and Mac OS X, Pie calls its workplace chat app “deliciously simple.” Pie teams can collaborate with the app’s inline visual-content display, file-sharing capability, search function, Quick Replies for low batteries or busy times, and multi-device syncing.

Pie raised $2.4M in mid-2014 and the app is now optimized for Apple Watch. If you thought the super-popular Slack didn’t have serious competition, then think again.

Cofounder Pieter Walraven, who was recently called the “messaging app king”, appeared on America’s CNBC in April 2015 to talk about the wonders of Pie. Stay tuned.

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  1. LawCanvas

6 most well-known software startups in Singapore 6

Year founded: 2014

Business model: Software

Official website: https://lawcanvas.com/

Total equity: UPDATING

Most recent funding/officially announced funding: $45K in May 2014

Drawing up contracts doesn’t need to be a chore with LawCanvas’ legal-document software that includes a legal template library, a smart editor, and a plain-English guide.

Even though no-one enjoys legalese, businesses cannot avoid it, so it is not surprising that LawCanvas has raised around $45K since launching in May 2014, and their user base was close to 2,000 in just 7 months.

LawCanvas only serves Singapore at this stage, but strong interest has emerged in Malaysia, and cofounders Daniel Leong and Mark Png have global-expansion plans—especially because other startups have flocked to the software.

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  1. Augment

Business model: Software

Official website: N/A

Total equity: UPDATING

Most recent funding/officially announced funding: UPDATING

Like Collabspot, Augment was developed as a productivity booster, whereby users’ Gmail inboxes are connected to their cloud applications. Augment users have a single point of access to manage important tasks, mail, events, and files.

The startup registered its 1,000th user on May 14, 2015, after Product Hunt broadcast the benefits of Augment’s one-stop, email-based productivity tool.

Augment creators Autocus signed up 250 executives within 15 hours of launching in June 2014. They understand rapid growth, and we expect this trend to continue as the world constantly strives to get more out their work days.